Our mission

We create a healthier world with cleverly designed electronics for use in residential HVAC applications

Climate systems for residential

Our vision

We help our partners to be best in class players in the residential building industry. We design, develop and produce solutions for maximum energy efficiency and the best indoor climate. Our solutions are uniquely designed, state of art and always developed in close cooperation with our customers.

Company Information

Honeywell Home Customized Comfort Products is the market leader in control systems for the residential OEM industry. We are a frontrunner in technology and continuously develop new solutions, helping you to offer the most comfortable and healthy indoor climate for your customers. As an all-round partner we not only supply systems and controls for your existing portfolio, we also help you to innovate and develop next generation solutions. Our ambition is to understand in detail the existing and future needs of your business. This allows us to offer you state-of –the-art custom designed solutions based on the latest technologies.In this, we are supported by our extensive knowledge network in the global Honeywell organization, offering HCCP customers every discipline and specialization they require.

What we do

Honeywell Home Customized Comfort Products is a solution provider for OEM customers in the residential HVAC area. We develop and manufacture custom made electronics and software to power and control the products of our customers. This can be individual components, complete ventilation systems, heating systems or any combination. All our products and solutions and comply with latest regulation for energy usage and ventilation.

Some examples of products we make are: